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Cyberpunk/RetroFuturist Synth Artist: C Z A R I N A ™

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C Z A R I N A ™

Name: C Z A R I N A ™

Musical Genre: Cyberpunk/RetroFuturist Synth

Current Music Label: CZARINA OFFICIAL and Retrosynth Records

Instagram: @czarinaofficial

Country: USA

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Status: Active

Years Active: June 2018–present

Named in Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 Artists of 2018, C Z A R I N A ™ (aka Vero Faye Kitsuné) is a multi-faceted Brooklyn-based Retro-Futurist Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Spacewave, and Electronic Rock artist, power vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, actor, producer, filmmaker, as well as a world-renowned fashion designer and creative director known for her footwear and accessories line IVY KIRZHNER NEW YORK.


After a decade-long hiatus from music to focus on a burgeoning career in fashion, Vero Faye Kitsune decided to create the music project of her dreams called C Z A R I N A ™ that involves all facets of her creative professional expertise – from music composition, production and performance to visual and motion arts, fashion, creative design and filmmaking.

Inspired by her love for cyberpunk, 80s tech noir themes, mechas, martial arts and Japanese Anime, C Z A R I N A has created a distinctively compelling universe that is truly her own.

Recent News 

C Z A R I N A ™ is currently working on 2 concept albums (2020 Release) and a screenplay for an upcoming Mecha Anime-themed CGI and Graphic Novel with DeadlyKawaii. She is also releasing a series of mini music films starting with “Blaze: Dances of the Yokai”.

Combining her love for 80s tech noir and cyberpunk futurist themes mixed with her deepest regard for Japanese and Asian culture as an Asian-American, C Z A R I N A ™ has developed an eclectic, forward thinking musical vibe and visual aesthetic that draws from Anime and high-gloss cinema. High power dynamics, musical athleticism combined with her unique artistry and theatrical flair, C Z A R I N A has been noted for her dedication to bringing a multi-dimensional experience and a new space to entertainment.

Single & LP Releases:

“Silence & Surrender” (Debut Single) – released June 8, 2018
“Blaze” (Single) – released August 30th, 2018
“Painted Holograms” (LP) – released November 11, 2018
“In the Line of Fire” (Single) – in collaboration with Chris Keya and DeadlyKawaii was released February 2019
“Til The Last Star” (Single) – released June 7, 2019

Thank you from Goth Wiki!

We would like to thank C Z A R I N A ™ for agreeing to be our first Cyberpunk artist added to the wiki. It has been a pleasure working with you and we are excited to see how bright your CYBER STAR will shine!

View C Z A R I N A’s Interview by clicking the button below.

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Sources used:

All information for C Z A R I N A ™ wiki comes from the below links and band interviews. Any source is valid, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Pictures, videos, biodata, and files relating to C Z A R I N A ™ are also acceptable encyclopedic sources.
  • This article was created with assistance from C Z A R I N A ™ regarding facts, dates, history, links.
  • See C Z A R I N A’s Goth Wiki Interview at: https://gothwiki.com/czarina-interview/
  • C Z A R I N A’s Official Website: Was used for additional information.  www.czarinaofficial.com
  • All images: Provided by C Z A R I N A ™ , find credit information below.


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Debut Album

Painted Holograms

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Released: Nov 11, 2018

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