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Miss Fortune - Gothic Burlesque Dancer

Goth Wiki

Miss Fortune – Interview

Name: Miss Fortune

Profession: Performer, Dancer, Model

Height: 5'10

Instagram: @themissfortuneuk

Country: England

City: London

Status: Active

Years Active: 5

How did you become interested in Burlesque? 

The first time I went to a goth club and saw someone perform! I forget now who it was, but I loved it. She pierced herself all through her face, it was gross and amazing.

When did you perform your first Burlesque show? Where and how did it come about?

I’d been modelling in a lot of Alt fashion shows, so it wasn’t a huge jump when an organiser asked me to do a show of my own. To be honest, it was pretty rubbish, but I still enjoyed it.


Unholy CommunionTell me about this act and what are you expressing about yourself with this performance?

Unholy Communion is my most popular act right now. I guess that’s because on one hand, its a standard, sexy naughty nun show, while on the other, its a massive ” fuck you” to the repressive Christian ideals that are hidden in our society. After all, the communion I give isn’t as clean as it looks – It means maybe people should look a bit closer at where the things they swallow come from.

‘Danse De Sang’ The Vampire VersionTell me about this act and what are you expressing about yourself with this performance?

“Danse de Sang (aka #poorbob) ” is my personal favourite act, it’s so angry. I perform it with my co-star, Bob, who is a representation of the entitlement in our society. After all, taken to its darkest level, that entitlement sucks the life out of all of us.

Do you have any new shows, projects or events that you are working on?

“Avortement” is going to debut on October 26th, just in time for Halloween. This is my edgiest show, and probably the most disgusting. It will make people think about the femininity that women are expected to perform, and how disgusting that really is.

When I decided to create an entry for Burlesque as an art in Goth Wiki. I had already come across a performer I really wanted to work with from Malta. However, I would see several posts a week in my feed from Miss Fortune! I decided I wanted to interview her because she was an extremely gothic burlesque performer. Choosing to do performances that touch on the things in society that are disgusting! Disgusting in the fact that society uses these things to judge us, hold us back and alienate us.

Miss Fortune will challenge you, make you look at yourself and entertain you at the same time. She is very well aware of herself, proud, funny and honest! Miss Fortune thank you for this wonderful interview! Keep challenging the masses to wake up and think about why they believe in certain things. Is it because they actually believe in it or because they are too afraid to be different?

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What makes you identify as a member of the goth/alternative community?

I’m not the best goth ever, to be honest. I identify more as a goth/rock/sleaze hybrid, but I just adore everything about the goth subculture. There are shared experiences and understanding that all goths just HAVE, and I love being around people who just get it.

What do you think the art of Burlesque has to offer women in 2019?

I think its going to be far less nice! Originally, Burlesque was about poking fun at the establishment, about shocking people, about saying the unsay-able. I think we’re going that way again, and I’m extremely pleased about it.

What artists, musicians, movies or books inspire your work?

I never use media to inspire my work, actually. I prefer to use ideas people give me in conversation. Basically, if someone says the most hideously inappropriate thing ever, the sort of thing they cannot believe they said, it’s an idea that will probably turn up in my next act. I love Poppy Z Brite, Marilyn Manson, and cult goth films, and I guess they slightly colour everything I do, but I actively try to avoid using them as inspiration.

Talk about the biggest failure you've had as a Burlesque Star. What did you learn from it?

Did one act I completely loved – but then was shown a video of another artist doing something so similar, mine was basically a direct rip off. To this day I’m not 100% sure how that happened, I’d never seen the other performer do that act or any video, but I’d based the act around a well-known and cult goth movie, so I guess I was just being unoriginal. That’s why I now never use media as inspiration for an act, it’s too easy to come up with the same ideas!

What has been your biggest success story? Why do you think it was a success?

Unholy Communion was my biggest success. When I debuted that act, I hadn’t rehearsed it – my cat had been ill and I’d been in the vet all night – so at showtime, I drank four shots and relied on my stage instinct to carry it through. It worked really well because it gave it a freshness and natural feel that actually made a better act than if I’d rehearsed it.

What three things do you like to do in your spare time?

I create all my costumes, so I spend an inordinate amount of time glittering and beading. I work out as often as possible, and I adore murder podcasts and true crime documentaries

What advice would you give new artists getting started in the business?

Don’t be a dick. Turn up on time, get onstage on time, try to make as little mess as possible, don’t get involved in Goth drama and respect the people around you. Oh, and definitely drink, but not too much!

Bonus question for fun! If you could have sex with any celebrity in the world who would it be and why?

Marilyn Manson, of course. He’s the god of fuck, who else is there?! ?

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