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Glam Gothic Rock Band: New Aristocrats

Goth Wiki

New Aristocrats

Name: New Aristocrats

Country: United States, UK , Russia

Location: Los Angles (Hollywood), CA & London, U.K.

Musical Genre: Glam Gothic Rock (previously 80’s freestyle dance-pop)

Labels: CD Baby

Status: Active

Years Active: 1986–present

Formed: 1986 Mushii Mushi (see history) / Current Line Up As Glam Gothic Rock Duo Since April 2018

Founded by Crown Prince, The New Aristocrats are the glam gothic rock continuation of the former 80’s dance-pop band Knight & Day with Rhino Records and Knight Time with Vendetta/A&M Records.

Formation and Early Years (1986–2007)

  • Formed in 1986 as Mushii Mushi with Steven T Easter
  • 1987 Knight & Day
  • 1988 Knight Time
  • 1988 As Knight & Day and Knight Time the song “I’ve Been Watching You” was featured in the comedy movie Assault of the Killer Bimbos.
  • 1988 As Knight Time the song “I’ve Been Watching You” was remixed by Grammy-award winning DJ David Morales and reached #30 on the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart.
  • 1995 DJ Kent & MC Lewis

New Aristocrats as a Freestyle Dance-Pop Group (2007–2016)

  • In May of 2010, the New Aristocrats released their first single “Two of Hearts”, a cover by Stacey Q.
  • In 2011, as the New Aristocrats, they walked the red carpet at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California.
  • In 2012-2016, the New Aristocrats launch a series of singles.

New Aristocrats with the current line up as a Glam Gothic Rock duo. (2018–Present)

  • In 2017, band songwriter-producer Crown Prince changed the group’s musical style from 80’s-influenced freestyle dance-pop to Glam Gothic Rock.
  • In 2018, as the New Aristocrats, they  released two digital EPs and one physical CD, which includes five songs and two music videos.
  • In 2019, the New Aristocrats were present at the CD Baby and Berkelee College of Music DIY Musician Conference Europe 2019 in Valencia, Spain.
  • In 2019 the New Aristocrats have been played on numerous radio stations like Kane FM near London in the U.K. and Radio Inter Spanish national radio in Madrid where they have also given radio interviews. In addition, they have filmed videos and performed live several times.
  • In 2019, the New Aristocrats are the first band to be induced into to Goth Wiki where they have also given us a special interview about their glam gothic rock music and fashion.

Recent Band News

  • The New Aristocrats moved to Europe and are  currently based in Madrid, Spain where they are currently writing and recording a full 10-song album to be released at the end of 2019.
  • In 2019, the New Aristocrats opened there own online shop at www.NewAristocrats.com where one can purchase their merchandise, including music, fashion and accessories.

The band’s musical style fuses 70’s and 80’s glam rock with modern gothic elements. We asked the band “What musicians, artists or books has influenced their musical style and look?”

70’s and 80’s music artists like Alice Cooper, Kiss, W.A.S.P., Marilyn Manson, Sisters of Mercy, Adam Ant, Vixen, Lita Ford, Tarja Turunen, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Prince, Michael Jackson, T-Rex, Steve Vai (whom the Baroness met twice), Uriah Heep (whom the Baroness used to know), Thompson Twins (Joe Leeway whom the Crown Prince met) and Missing Persons and Duran Duran (Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurrullo whom the Crown Prince used to know when Warren Cuccurrullo was in Duran Duran which was after Missing Persons with Terry and Dale Bozzio).

Classical music artists, such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. In literature Mikhail Bulgakov whose characters often appear in gothic aesthetics. We also like the Japanese visual kei-elegant gothic aristocrat aesthetic of Mana Sama.’

Current Members:

Crown Prince of the New Aristocrats – vocalist, songwriter/composer, music producer (2007–present)
Baroness of the New Aristocrats – vocalist and co-songwriter/co-composer (2018–present)

Former Members (when band was an 80’s dance-pop band);

Marquise of the New Aristocrats –  (2011–2016)
Countess of the New Aristocrats – (2007–2016)
Duchess of the New Aristocrats – (2007–2016)

Albums (Current Glam Gothic Rock Line Up)

Make Out, Make Love (Glam Versions) (red pentacle) physical CD: includes an EP of five songs and two music video – April (2019)
Make Out, Make Love (Glam Versions) (red pentacle) digital EP – December (2018)
Make Out, Make Love (white pentacle) digital EP – June (2018)


New Aristocrats “Get It On” – Gothic Glam Mix (2019)
New Aristocrats “Sex Me Up” – Video Version (2018)

Old Line Up (2011-2016) numerous Youtube music and live videos and SoundCloud singles in the 80’s dance-pop genre before switching to Glam Gothic Rock.)

Buy or View New Aristocrats Music

The band has provided Goth Wiki with a wonderful 9 question interview that can be viewed in it’s entirety below. We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the New Aristocrats for being Goth Wiki’s first official band interview. You will always be our first!

?We send you a hearty Glam Goth Rebel Yell Forever!?

Read The Interview

Sources used:

All information for the New Aristocrats’s wiki comes from the below links and band interviews. Any source is valid, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Pictures, videos, biodata, and files relating to The New Aristocrats are also acceptable encyclopedic sources.

Goth Wiki

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View the New Aristocrats’s first Goth Wiki interview!

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(Glam Versions) EP

Make Out, Make Love

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Released: Dec 07, 2018

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