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August 7, 2019 (B)

August 7, 2019 (B)

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*So I suck…as I mean’t to post this picture instead! This is the actual picture for the shop page! The other picture I posted is from the same photoshoot.*

Today’s image comes from our New Goth Shop! She is a dark cold beautiful Ice Queen! Yes, our own shop is finally here, our shoe collection is going to be insane. We will add about 3 new items to the shop daily in the month of August.⠀

To access the shop you know what to do: Click on the link in my bio, scroll down to today’s Instagram post image. Click on it to vie!w the new shop⠀

Some people complained about our original shop working with Amazon, this is our own shop and is not affiliated with anyone else. It will feature clothing, shoes, housewares, purses, jewelry and more! ⠀

The final piece is CandyGoth Cosmetics. I can confirm that I have begun building the site. CandyGoth is going to be a Dark Bubble Goth site as the colors are Black & Pink! It is still going to include vampire imagery and super goth aesthetics but with Bubble Goth blood! ???⠀

by Diva Chic
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August 7, 2019