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June 20, 2019-Goth Barbie

June 20, 2019-Goth Barbie

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So I have been getting private requests for more photos and info about me. First I will say that I don’t post pictures of me very often on my page, because Divine Goth is not about me! I am creating and building the community for you guys not me. So I feature pictures of goth models, artists, celebrities, organizations, CandyGoth Cosmetics makeup creations, etc. ⠀

But here are a few questions I will answer today from private messages I have gotten:⠀

1) I know that my boobs are huge and yes they are real as FUCK! (this should clear up about a couple hundred remarks in my DM)⠀
2) I consider myself a Glam/Bubble Goth, hence the name Goth Barbie and CandyGoth Cosmetics. ⠀
3) I am weird and exotic looking because my gene pool is on mutt status! I am definitely a black girl, but my family mix also includes Russian & American Indian (I know…DAMN that’s a hell of a mix!)⠀
4) I am the sole creator of the Divine Goth Community, Goth Wiki & CandyGoth Cosmetics. Of course I have had help along the way as nothing great is done alone! ⠀
5) I am also the visionary artist of the community as well. What I am saying here is that I am the one who has built all the websites and marketing for the community. This is the reason why the visual beauty of the sites, landing pages and posts are consistent. (This should answer most of the questions I have gotten about who built my sites.)⠀
6) The image I chose to post today, shows me as I want to be remembered, a Glam/Bubble Goth…that throws glitter (candy), color (I prefer pink) on all things goth (black)!. Basically I don’t like anything plain, I embellish the shit out of everything!⠀

by Diva Chic
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June 20, 2019