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Wiki Types

We are able to create 2 different wiki entries, read below to learn more about them.

  1. A basic wiki entry that includes: a) formation/early history & current history section b) future projects section c) filmography, acts, etc. section d) links section e) reference & credits section Example: CZARINA
  2. A very detailed wiki entry that includes everything listed above, but the history section will be more detailed. We add more sections based on the artist to add more depth to the entry. We ask more questions than the basic entry to create a more robust entry. Examples: Undine LaVerve (detailed story entry), New Aristocrats (detailed musician bulletin timeline entry) & The Sweet Kill (detailed musician story entry)
  3. Both wiki entry types above include a separate interview page. You can access each interview from the links given above.
  4. Contact us if interested in moving forward with being featured in our Goth Wiki!

*Please note that the wiki entry types above include a separate interview that’s accessed from within the entry.*