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We seek to provide a platform specifically geared towards the goth community. We do so by beginning the lifelong project of building an online Goth Wiki. Read below on the other things we are building for the goth community.

Divine Goth Hub

Divine Goth Hub is our community social site & app! The mobile app version of this site combines all our sites into one social network for goths and alternatives.

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Divine Goth

The Divine Goth is the Official site for the online community we want to build for alts and goths. Our goal is to offer content, entertainment, news and services for the alt community and how it is expressed around the world.

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CandyGoth is our shopping site,, featuring our brand CandyGoth Cosmetic line! We also sell apparel, jewelry and shoes for women and men! The site features a beauty blog and a pop culture section.

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