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The Sweet Kill - Dark Wave/Electronic Rock Artist

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The Sweet Kill- Interview

Name: The Sweet Kill

Founder: Pete Mills

Musical Genre: Dark Wave, Electronic Rock

Current Music Label: TSK Records ®©

Instagram: @thesweetkill

Country: United States

City: Hollywood, CA

Status: Active

Years Active (Band): July 2018 - present

Years Active As A Musician (Pete Mills): 20

What makes you identify as a member of the goth/alternative community?

I never need an excuse to explain how I feel so welcomed by the Goth community, and at events I feel such a freedom of expression. We all came from ridicule and judgment, and finally we get to express ourselves totally free from social norms. I love the deviant underground, I have always related to extremes and I feel compelled and inspired to unify and revere those who feel the same.

Why did you choose the name The Sweet Kill for your band?

The pay tribute to my former band mate who committed suicide. Also the duality of the name itself signifies the battle within; between good and evil.

Due to the loss of your band mate, you decided to stop doing drugs and drinking. What about her passing made you decide to change your life?

I actually got sober before she passed. Riding the momentum of life changing events I decided to leave Canada for Los Angeles to fulfill all the hopes plans and dreams we shared together. This is one of the ways I keep her spirit alive and with me in all that I do.

Tell me a bit more about how you and your old band got kicked off the tour with Motley Crue?

Oh my, well this was a case of extreme insanity. We were so excited to be on a big stadium tour we got JUST a little ahead of ourselves. Our singer tried to steal a guitar from Rudolf Schenker the guitarist from the co-headliner Scorpions. We also jumped out into the crowd on numerous occasions to celebrate with our audience or at times to confront and fight them. Towards the end of our 6 weeks on this tour our singer chased Klaus Meine the singer of the Scorpions down the hall with a pitchfork. This created a feud with the Motley Crue road crew and the Scorpions road crew. The Motley Crue road crew were our protectors because we were signed to Nikki Sixx’s record label at the time. Finally, Nikki Sixx came barreling down the hall as the seas parted between the opposing road crews. He stormed into our dressing room and grabbed our singer by the dog collar and said, “what are you trying to do to me?” our singer replied with “it’s rock n roll man!” Suffice to say that was the last straw and we were banned from the rest of the tour which included our home town even though all our fans had already purchased tickets.

Which artists/musicians have inspired your work the most and why?

The Cure and Joy Division for their sheer minimal and visceral approach on their records as well as the emotional delivery in their live show. Nine Inch Nails for the eclectically intricate production approach. The hybrid of electronica, industrial and rock/metal is so inspiring to me. The thematic lyrical execution on the downward spiral and the fragile hits me hard in my heart. I also love Ben Frost and Hans Zimmer for their theatrical work in the sound design and cinematic brilliance. These combinations motivate me to think outside the box for my creative process.

I could go on and on but I think these are my top go to albums for inspiration:

  • Television – Marquee Moon
  • Gary Numan – Tubeway Army Replicas
  • The Cure – Disintegration (clearly non minimal)
  • New Order – Power Corruption And Lies
  • Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
  • David Bowie – Low
  • My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

Talk about the biggest failure in your life. What did you learn from it?

I don’t fail I just run out of time, I’ve learned that everything good in life is temporary therefore the bad is temporary as well, however these are 2 sides of the same coin which is a self centered approach to the world. It all just “is” and the second I can come into that realization is the second I stop suffering with what my ego wants me to have.

What has been your biggest success story? Why do you think it was a success?

Consciously contacting a universal energy/power that enables me to dream beyond my imagination and live with a maximum purpose one day at a time.

What three major lessons has life taught you so far?


  • Romantic relationships are all an extension of myself. So I better be aligned or I may lean too heavily on the other person.
  • I manifest whatever I think both good and bad and only I can police those thoughts so I choose to think positive. Change your thoughts change your life.
  • Love is how I feel inside not what some does for me, it’s an extension of a decision to be loving is only when I get to feel it.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to overcome the demons/addictions in their life?

Get honest with where you are at and trust that someone such as myself has been there and is altruistically willing to help you. The sober way of life is not for those that need it, it’s not for those that want it, it’s for those that do it.

Here’s an amazing quote from an anonymous rock star “the most punk rock thing I’ve ever done is get sober”

What would you like to say to new, old and curious fans?

Everything I’ve released since July 2018 has been my heart on my sleeve and I’m honored that there are those that can relate to it. I am trying to strike up a conversation with the songs I write so please don’t be shy, write me or comment so I can get to know you and where you are at, what you value and what your hardships are. Let’s stick together and prevail with principle, elegance and grace. Don’t rob me of the opportunity to get to know you.


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