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Coffin Carousel - Horror Punk/Doom Rock Band

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Coffin Carousel- Interview

Name: Coffin Carousel

Founder: Howard Von Noise

Musical Genre: Horror Punk, Doom Rock

Current Music Label: Noise Inc / Eclipse Records

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne

Status: Active

Years Active: 2012 - present

What makes you identify as a member of the goth/alternative community?

I have been a punter of goth events in Melbourne over the years. I have a great attraction for dark aesthetics and the boldness of the goth community, how they express themselves. Its a lifestyle that is present in all my art and friendships within the goth community. It really dawns on me when I show people the band’s music videos, and their response is something like…”wow you have a dark side to you”.

Why did you choose the name Coffin Carousel for your band?

It was a song demo title initially, that just stood out strong and hadn’t been used by any other band. It was original and felt right to label the sound and styles I was writing music to sing along with, also it gave me lots of visual ideas early on. I was originally going to call the band ‘Black Casino’ which was another song title I had, but ‘Coffin Carousel’ was way cooler.

Since, one of the genres your music falls under is Horror Punk. What is your favorite horror film of all time?


Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness hands down. It was everything I loved about the horror genre packed into one movie. If I could only make a music video featuring Bruce Campbell…now that would be so awesome!

Tell me about your newest album and what it's about?

‘Face Melting Chunky Stuff’ is a more light heartened dark twist of Coffin Carousel music over the first album ‘Between Death & Dead’. I wanted to pull more of a fun element into the mix while also expanding and progressing the song element sounds.

What should fans expect from the new album that's different from your previous releases?

‘Face Melting Chunky Stuff’ (FMCS) is more based around a theme over ‘Between Death & Dead’ (BD&D) which was more of a lyrical journey and concept album. FMCS has solid, catchy songs along with introducing some 90s rap album madness of skit tracks to expand on the lifestyle, sense of humour and fun I am about, that comes out through our live shows.

Which artists and musicians have inspired your work the most and why?

Hands down the Misfits (Graves era especially) for hardcore action supercharged punk vibes with melodic pop vocals, Rob Zombie for horror themes and hard hitting rock anthems and Cypress Hill for their dark sounds and creepy hip hop vocals and dark songwriting aesthetics.

Talk about your biggest failure. What did you learn from it?

After spending 12 years in the music industry before I started Coffin Carousel. I don’t feel the band has experienced any failures as I have not held any expectations with Coffin Carousel. I chose to take my time with each step and make sure I enjoy each experience along the way. It’s been a journey that has taught me more about people, myself and building a business, than anything else I have been apart of in life that is for sure. As I had experienced negative situations in past bands I made a conscious choice with Coffin Carousel to always have fun, leave the door open for members to come and go and appreciate every high moment that comes along. Even if it’s just catching up for a rehearsal in quiet periods. Take the time to just enjoy that and have fun times with my bandies.

What has been your or biggest success story? Why do you think it was a success?

2018 was a wild ride. I was going to take a break from music and do some travelling, but opportunity’s just kept coming in like crazy. The band opened for Wednesday 13 & Davey Suicide early in 2018, I decided to release the ‘Breathe’ EP with everything going so great, we played numerous cool local shows plus I played 3x solo acoustic Coffin Carousel headlining shows which was a trip and we finished up the year opening for Michale Graves (ex-Misfits) on his mini Australian tour. I still haven’t had a chance to take on the holiday I was planning!

What would you like to say to new, old and curious fans?

Enjoy the band’s music for its passion and humanitarian messages. The songs sound awesome at high volumes and I hope at least 1/5 new listeners can enjoy at least one song enough to feel good about the band. The new album ‘Face Melting Chunky Stuff’ is a lot of fun while also dipping into some dark moments and is something unlike anything being released in the alternative music community these days. I put all my passion into the music and its visuals so just know the intention is always aimed at the coolest standards taken from what attracted me to my favourite bands.


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