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When I use the term Goth, I am referring to anyone who identifies as an Alternative/Alt. I came up with the Divine Goth name in reference to one of my favorite songs “Lack of Light” by Daybed. The singer keeps referring to an apparent lack of light that only our eyes can’t see. She explains that she prefers the darkness and wants to test its limits. She seems to imply that her love of the darkness, is the reason she doesn’t see the light. It’s not until the very end of the song, that you understand why she cannot see the light, it’s because she is shining. As goths we find beauty in the darker shades of light and yet we shine! At that point I decided that Divine Goth would be the perfect name!

Listen to the Lack of Light song, by clicking on the link in my bio, then click on today’s image to watch it!

by Diva Chic
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Divine Goth


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July 25, 2019