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About Us

This page has been created to explain how our goth wiki works and what to expect when you are entered!

  1. Goth Wiki is part of the Divine Goth Community of sites.
  2. Our wiki exists as a .com and not a .org, because as an organization we do earn a profit. This helps to ensure that our survival as a company is not based on donations. We build partnerships with investors with the goal of making sure this wiki stands the tests of time.
  3. The wiki is a free source to our visitors and to the artists we work with. No purchases are required to search or use any of our sites. We provide the content to drive the traffic and of course we market every article we post.
  4. All Goth Wiki Entries will remain on the site, if a band, artist, company etc, dies or is defunct. We will list the status of the artist as Inactive or Deceased (if applicable).
  5. Contact with the group, celebrity, artist, musician etc.; is not always made when a wiki entry is created. Especially if there is an existing wiki available on the internet, or sufficient media and news sources.
  6. As goths/alts we seek to represent each artist we enter into our wiki with respect by honoring their achievements and contributions. This oftentimes causes us to reach out to artists directly to correct inconsistent information we find. If we have reached out to you, we did so for one of three reasons….