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Glenn Danzig founded his first band called the Misfits back in 1977. The band’s musical genre was considered horror punk, which blended punk, horror film themes and imagery with metal. With Danzig as the lead singer they would go on to release 3 EP’s, 3 Studio Albums and 6 singles.

Danzig left the band in 1983 and launched a new band called Samhain, this band focused on heavy metal with a gothic deathrock sound. In 1987 Samhain signed with a major record label and the band was renamed Danzig. Danzig released it’s first album in 1988 called Danzig it featured a more blues based heavy metal sound. This album would become Danzig’s biggest and best-selling album. By 2003 Danzig had released 6 albums and he would also go on to launch the Blackest of the Black tour. He created the tour to provide a platform for dark and extreme bands from around the world to perform, the lineup included Dimmu Borgir, Superjoint Ritual, Opeth, Lacuna Coil, Behemoth, Skeletonwitch, Mortis and Marduk.

Glenn is a huge fan of comic books and owns Verotik, which is an American dark mature-themed comic book company. Danzig has gone on to release 11 studio albums, 5 live albums and 14 singles.

by Diva Chic
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June 22, 2019