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C Z A R I N A ™ - Cyberpunk/RetroFuturist Synth Artist

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C Z A R I N A ™ – Interview

Name: C Z A R I N A ™

Musical Genre: Cyberpunk/Retro-Futurist Synth

Current Music Label: CZARINA OFFICIAL and Retrosynth Records

Instagram: @czarinaofficial

Country: USA

City: Brooklyn, NY

Status: Active

Years Active: June 2018–present

What makes you identify as a member of the goth/alternative community?

I think cyberpunk, tech noir culture is all part of the artistic universe goth is also part of, where the love for unique creative flair is definitely shared.

Can you tell us about the moment when you truly knew that it was time to pursue a music career again?

Growing up and through my adulthood, my time was often split between music and art and design. Eventually, design took over my professional career for nearly 2 decades. I’ve achieved a great deal in a short time, including being able to launch and run my own fashion company successfully for several years. However, there was a point when I felt that I wasn’t complete only because music was on a standstill for too long. A couple of years ago, I was convinced that in order to live a complete and fulfilling life, I can’t forsake my musical abilities and all passion that lean towards it.

My favorite song on your recent album is ``Gravity``. Can you tell us what motivated you to write this song?

“Gravity” is about that precious sliver of time and space after taking a fall and right before rebounding. It’s the time of solace, recollection and surrender, acknowledging that greater unseen forces are also at play. Just like actual gravity, we cannot see it, but it holds us all.

When I listen to your music I am transported back to the 80's! Memories of Mortal Combat, anime, hot pink, big hair, shoulder pads and David Bowie flood my mind! What do you miss about the 80's that you try to recreate with your music?

I love the fact that the 80s seems to be more future-centric. All of the tech noir movies I loved growing up like Blade Runner, Terminator, Total Recall, Akira, etc… They’re all about the future. Blade Runner takes place in 2019. And as far as I can tell, we’re far behind!

The song ``Silence and Surrender`` you stated was ``a musical and visual commentary on the darker shades behind the luminous glamour we see today.`` As goths our glamour is luminous by design, we provide the darker shades that celebrities are using now! What made you decide to express this in a sexual light? Did you think it would make it easier for people to understand?

“Silence & Surrender” the music video was actually created in the light of #MeToo when all of these well-known actors came forward about their experiences behind closed doors with certain prominent figures and moguls in Hollywood and how much personal integrity sometimes could be on the line when pursuing success. As I enjoy creating films and videos, I always try to endeavor to give some of them meaning that is reflective of an issue or make a statement. I wasn’t necessarily thinking if people would understand it immediately, as I normally narrate in allegories and symbolisms. But I wanted to create something that conveys real consciousness and sentiments, and also sincerity towards what’s happening around us, but still present it in a way that’s true to my own artistry.

As a female artist in the male dominated Synthpop & Futurepop musical genre, what do you feel that you uniquely contribute as a woman?

I think a particular brand of feminine touch that still had a masculine edge was really needed. My style of music, songwriting, performance, composition and production always carry a balance of feminine and masculine approach. I think that’s what also separates me from a lot of female artists in the same genre as well.

You use a lot of visuals aesthetics to convey the message of your music. Do you think this is your way of still being a designer?


Definitely – I always bring a 360-degree, experiential approach to music. Visuals need to be just as compelling as that is a huge part of the branding.

Talk about the biggest failure you've had. What did you learn from it?

My biggest failure would probably be not allowing myself to stay true to myself, and convincing myself that I’m supposed to behave and do certain things which I am not. I spent decades convincing myself that my life was supposed to go a certain way, putting many things I’m passionate about on hold just to serve others. All of that changed as soon as I decided that I have to find my real path and what’s truly for me. And I learned that the most valuable currency we all have is time and to no longer waste it.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in your music career so far?

To be accredited for breaking certain grounds in music and bending genres in a relevant and promising way, on top of maintaining a very unique branding, imagery and overall experience that’s very true to who I am, without conforming to any pre-packaged and formulaic engineering.

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